How do you soften a crochet project?

How to Soften Crochet Projects (Made with Acrylic Yarn):

  1. Soak your finished crochet project in cold water for twenty minutes.
  2. Hand wash your project in cold water with shampoo.
  3. Saturate the project with conditioner.
  4. Allow the project to sit for ten minutes, still soaked with conditioner.

How do you make a multi layered tassel?

How do you stack tassels?

What is milk yarn?

Milk cotton yarn is a blend of milk fiber and cotton. You’ll sometimes find blends labeled “milk cotton” that also include acrylic or other synthetic materials. Textiles made from milk fiber certainly aren’t anything new, but our manufacturing process for this fiber has changed drastically.

What is DMC yarn?

Made from 100% virgin wool, DMC Tapestry Wool is a deliciously soft, smooth non-divisible yarn. It’s twist and thickness give it excellent canvas coverage and provides a smooth and even texture. This is the perfect material for all of your decorative needlepoint projects.

What ply is number 10 crochet cotton?

Crochet Thread weight: 10. Fiber content: 100% mercerized cotton, 3-ply.


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