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Is there a national curly hair day?

Today (2nd May) is National Curly Hair Day, and to help tame unruly tresses during lockdown whilst giving curls, waves and coils the opportunity to shine, we’ve collated a few of our favourites…

How do I tell my stylist what I want?

How do new hair stylists get clients?

Should you cut hair dry or wet?

Based On Your Hairstyle

If you’re a fan of sleek, straight hair, wet cutting will give you the precise look you’re going for. However, if you prefer to wear your hair natural, dry cutting will give your stylist the ability to work with your natural texture and cut your locks in a way that enhances them.

Should you tell your hairdresser you are going somewhere else?

“It comes down to respect towards an individual, and not even being a hairdresser… whether it’s your doctor, or your dentist.” Vella recommends telling them you’re going to another hairstylist or a different salon, because they may see that you went there anyway on social media.

Do hairdressers get mad when you go to someone else?

Your hairstylist is in a position to understand your rights. Hence, the hairstylist will never go mad. They have faced numerous similar situations in the past. Hence, it would be something normal for them.

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