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  • Amazing Rainbow

    Посты по теме «ПУТЕШЕСТВИЯ.ПРИРОДА.», добавленные пользователем Наталья Ермакова на Постилу

  • This setting is so right. - Awesome

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  • Bioluminescence lights up Jervis Bay on Anzac Day

    When the sun goes down, this microalgae really shines.

  • 15 Most Beautiful Cities in France That Should Be on Your Bucket List

    Most beautiful cities in France - Discover the beautiful France cities that should be on your bucket list, things to do an see + tips.

  • Erlebe dein Sachsen.

    Kulturschätze und Naturwunder. In der Stadt oder auf dem Land. Zu Fuß, auf dem Rad, im Zug, per Schiff. Einmalig schön. 365 Tage im Jahr.

  • Sinn . Welt . Fotografie . Natur // Pflanzen . Blumen // #sinn #welt #sinnwelt #fotografie #fotos #bilder #natur #pflanzen #blumen
  • Prepare to be Awed at Berg Lake

    On an overcast August day, we started up the Berg Lake Trail in Mt. Robson Provincial Park, hoping that by the time we reached Berg Lake the next day, the weather would be in our favour to admire those amazing views of Robson Glacier. As the second oldest provincial park in British Columbia and a part of a 6 protected parks UNESCO World Heritage Site, this was a hike that was high up on my wishlist. Scoring the Permits for Berg Lake After a failed attempt a couple of years ago to visit this area, due to wildfires that blanketed the area with smoke, this time, the stars seemed to be in our favour. My friend had secured one night through the online permit system, and we crossed our fingers in hopes that we could pick up last-minute permits from people who didn’t show up. And yes! We got two more nights. Thank you to whoever didn’t come to get their permits! Aside from some rain in the forecast for our first night and the next morning, things looked great. Up to Kinney Lake The 23 km trail takes you through the forest, alongside the Robson River leading you to Kinney Lake, a beautiful aqua-coloured lake, alongside the Robson River. There are 14 tent pads around Kinney Lake, some that are right on the lake – a great place to enjoy that morning coffee. Kinney Lake to Whitehorn From there, you gradually go uphill to the beginning of the Valley of a Thousand Falls, where you will find Whitehorn campground (22 tent pads). We had the first night at Whitehorn campground, 11 km up the trail (a nice halfway point to Berg Lake). The campsite is near the river and a perfect spot to relax by the water and look toward the valley. Camping is regulated with permits for all overnights, which must be spent in the designated camping area for which you have a permit. There are seven campgrounds along the trail, three along the way to Berg Lake (Kinney, Whitehorn and Emperor Falls), two along Berg Lake (Marmot, Berg Lake), and two slightly past Berg Lake (Rearguard, Robson Pass). The Valley of a Thousand Falls After a cozy night in the tent, protected from the rain, we started the morning under the tarp having breakfast while waiting for the rain to taper off before packing up the wet gear and my huge food bag (not sure what I was thinking this trip!). We started the climb up the Valley of a Thousand Falls, taking time to look back down the valley at the Robson River. Along the way, there are some views through the trees of White Falls and Falls of the Pool, and even though it was raining, we did take the short detour to get a better view of Emperor Falls, the most majestic falls in the park. Near Emperor Falls, there is camping with 9 tent pads (km 16). By the time you reach Emperor Falls, the bulk of your climbing is done, making the last 7 kilometres relatively easy. You continue through the forest and then pop out into a starker landscape, one that I thought was really interesting. Even though it was so rocky, it was amazing to see little flowers popping out between the rocks. Berg Lake We then had two nights at the Berg Lake campground, where we could enjoy our meals while watching the clouds move over the glacier. There are 26 tent pads on Berg Lake; a couple have fantastic views of the glacier. If you are up there for a couple or more nights, you could move your tent if a view spot came up. We found a spot in the trees, which was nice too as we were only in our tents to sleep and hung out by the shelter area to make meals and relax. There is always a bit of a flurry when people reach the site as they try to assess their tent pad options. The first afternoon was misty and clouded over, but even so, the glacier looked spectacular, with the clouds giving us different glimpses of what was underneath. Heading toward Snowbird Pass We managed to get in a nice 8 km hike up to the Snowbird Pass area (just before the big climb to the pass) on our first evening. This was a nice walk, more than a hike through the Berg Lake Valley and up to a lateral moraine from Robson Glacier. Day Hikes from Berg Lake From Berg Lake, there are four main trails that you can hike as a day hike: Hargreaves Lake, Toboggan Falls, Mumm Basin, and Snowbird Pass. If you want to stay out for days, there is the Moose River Route (105 km), which is estimated to take about 7 days, but you could choose to do a bit of this trail as a day hike – out Adolphus Lake and back (7 km return) or Coleman Valley (26 km return). We woke up to a blue sky sunny and warm day – the glacier was showing itself. We spent the day exploring Mumm Basin in the morning and Hargreaves Lake and Toboggan Falls in the afternoon, all worth doing as the views were spectacular and each trail had a unique landscape. It felt like we had the trails to ourselves. We saw no more than 5 people the whole day. Mumm Basin Trail We did the Mumm Basin Trail as an out and back (9.5 km) as part of it has been closed for the last couple of years. If it was open, you could combine all the three hikes (Mumm Basin, Hargreaves and Toboggan) since they connect at junction points. Climbing the Mumm Basin Trail through the woods takes you briefly into Alberta before turning back in British Columbia. Once up in the meadows, it’s beautiful – streams, wildflowers and views! Hargreaves Lake and Toboggan Falls The afternoon was dedicated to hiking the Hargreaves Lake and Toboggan Falls Routes (6 km combo deal). Hiking up to Hargreaves Lake Trail toward the lake and the Hargreaves Glacier gives you many opportunities to turn around ooh and ahh at Robson Glacier. Once at the top, it is just a little side trip to take you to Hargreaves lake. Leaving Hargreaves Lake Trail takes you back into the woods along a gentle trail and then to the cut off to Toboggan Falls. These falls are so amazing, and once you take the cut-off trail, you follow the falls for quite some time. The way the rocks have been cut and shaped by the water is beautiful. Berg Lake Trail in a Day We did see people running or fast hiking the whole trail – yep, 43 km in one day. Some had trusted canines with them, others had running buddies, and others went for it solo. Most started before the sun rose and carried a headlamp for the return trip (although some speedier ones could make it back down before sunset). It was pretty impressive but, by all accounts, somewhat gruelling as they made their way from 853 metres (2800 feet) at the trailhead up to 1649 metres (5410 metres) at Berg Lake. Inspired by Seasoned Hikers The most inspiring conversation was with a man who was probably in his 80s. He was hiking with his son, grandson and a couple of other men. With a full pack and major knee brace, you could tell he was a seasoned hiker. Chatting to him, I asked him where they were heading to (thinking we may end up in the same area). No – they were heading well beyond Berg Lake and into Jasper along the Moose River route, as they had done on previous trips. They were then doing some serious backcountry exploring for the week. I hope that I can hike like that even at 70! This trip was spectacular. If I could change one thing, it would be to have one more night at Mt. Robson so that we could have done the one hike we didn’t get to – Snowbird Pass, but as it turned out, the weather turned the day after we left the trail so it would not have been the best time to go up the pass. You know what that means? Another trip back up to Berg Lake, which I would be more than happy to do! Helpful Tips -100% of all camping spots are reservable online at BC Parks, and they book up VERY quickly. The small booking fee is non-refundable, so when people change their mind, they don’t often go back online to put their reservations back into the pool. So, showing up the day before to see if there are any cancellations for the following day might get you a spot with this strategy; the smaller the group, the better. There were two of us, and two was perfect since there were no last-minute permits for three or more. -If you want to hike all or some of the trail as a day hike during high season, you still need a reservation that can only be booked first thing in the morning on the day you want to hike. Day use permits were started in 2020 for 6 parks in B.C. Alternatively, if you spend the night at one of the three front-country campgrounds in Mount Robson, you don’t need to get a separate permit. Just carry your camping reservation with you, and you are good to go for the day. -You can cycle into Kinney Lake (7 km), which we saw a few people do as a way to shave some kilometres off quickly. From there, they locked up their bikes and continued their day hike. In some cases, the destination was Kinney Lake for the day or the night. The trail to Kinney is quite easy and a great one for families with younger children. -Many people brought tarps for camping to have more protection for the changing weather on the trail. -There are three camping options (Robson Meadows, Robson River, Lucerne) near the Mt. Robson Visitor centre if you want to explore the area or you are hoping to hang out and get overnight permits. Our plan B was to do a day hike up the Berg Trail and then do other hiking in the area if we couldn’t get additional permits. -Overall, people were super respectful of the leave no trace rule (with a couple of exceptions). There are designated areas to wash dishes. People were good about not using the lake as their toothbrushing area. If you are not familiar with LEAVE NO TRACE, check out this website.

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