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  • 29 Cute Ideas For Kids' Crazy Hair Day at School

    Not that it's a contest, but these parents are definitely winning. Check out this gallery of cute hair ideas for kids' Crazy Hair Day at school, then watch the video demo on how to create soda bottle hair!

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  • 15 Crazy Kids Who Are Hilariously Weird AF

    Hey, we're all a little weird sometimes.

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  • 15 MORE Wonderfully Weird Kids Costumes

    You know how right after you stop looking for something that's hard to find, like cuticle scissors or a cashier who appreciates a good Luis Tully impression, suddenly you find that thing everywhere? (Ok, so I'm still looking for the cashier.) That was me after my last roundup of amazingly weird kid costumes; I kept finding so many more great ones! At first I was bummed to have missed so many gems, but then I realized a second batch is exactly what we need today. What with Halloween being mostly cancelled, and the U.S. election looming (raise your hand if you're ready to stop being reminded to vote ::raises eleventy billion hands::), and of course how we have to wait an ENTIRE WEEK between Bake Off episodes, things could easily feel a little gloomy this weekend. Ahh, but my friends, I'm here to remind you - in the words of sweet Samwise Gamgee - that there's still some good in this world, and it's worth fighting for. Like this kid dressed as a fart. Tell me this didn't make your day at least 12% better. And I love that he has the Minion Fart Blaster to provide his own sound effects. Bahaha! Keeping in that theme, here come your bathroom's #1 and #2 fans: (CostumeWorks) Don't they look flushed with success? (Sorry, I write poo puns for a living, I can't just switch this off.) Still bathroom-themed, but at least it's clean humor: (From Etsy, but the listing is long gone) The bristles are pipe cleaners! Omigosh. Amazing. Also gives a whole new meaning to a "brush with death." ::head tilt:: Sort of. (Maybe if she carried a skull?) Now I'm tempted to organize a "random bathroom objects" cosplay group for Dragon Con. Can you imagine? Let's all take a moment to picture an adult sized toilet and tooth brush and shower head and rubber ducky and whatnot wandering around en masse. ::imagining:: Aw yeah. That's the stuff. Of course, the world of weird costuming holds more wonders beyond the bathroom, babes. Like spaghetti. (Gail Rehme) On top of spaghetti All covered with cheese I lost my poor meatball When somebody sneezed. Did anyone else have a parent who sang that song? My dad did. He also sang "Greasy Grimy Gopher Guts" which, upon recollection, is mildly horrifying. I, uh, won't show you any costumes of that. Instead, have the world's cutest cauliflower: SO CUTE Or how about a nice tossed salad? (Good Morning America) The cherry tomato balloons (or balls?) are genius. Another excellent source of roughage: (Jarka Kapounová) That's got to be the most comfortable looking pinecone I've ever seen. Wouldn't it make a great cape? Let's see, how to segue into this next one... Oh, I know. BUBBLES!!! The use of the clear balloons here is PERFECT. I think she has one on her headband, too! You know that place where "weird" and "incredibly talented" intersect? That's one of my favorite places. I'd go so far as to call that OUR place, you and I. And also this kid's place: (Monterey Aquarium) Fun Fact: When you take a picture of a mollusk it's called a "shell-fie." Then there's this, which just jumped to the top of my "Dream Cosplays" list: Sparkly, ridiculous, and you can't tell if it's panicking or screaming out a battle cry. I feel such a kinship with this costume, y'all. [UPDATE: I am shook. One of our very own Bots made this angler fish! Yay! Smee created it for her grandson, Bodie, and tells me the lure and fins all lit up after dark, YESSS. You can see his fins swaying around in this quick video on her Instagram.] You may have noticed I am a HUGE fan of people proudly loving what (and who) they love. That's why I love these kids embracing who they are. Hey, you want to be a princess praying mantis? Then YOU BE A PRINCESS PRAYING MANTIS. (Michelle Powers on Pinterest, that's her daughter Sydney) The twisted part of me wants her to have a candy bucket shaped like another mantis' head. If you don't know why, then do NOT google it, lol. You... you googled it, didn't you. Sorry. Here's an adorable bumble bee to make up for it: (Cardboard Collective, site 404) This is the most haute couture bee I've ever seen - and it appears to be made entirely of paper. Daaaaang. Oh, hang on, we're jumping back to fish again: I've seen several variations of the "head in an aquarium" costume, and they're all pretty weird, y'all. I approve. More head-centric weirdness: (Costume Works) K, I'm not a huge taxerdermy fan (I still love you, Bloggess), but this idea is so clever - and that cute little mantle with stockings!! Eeeee! Wait, wait, I've got it: she's clearly the animatronic deer head from Country Bear Jamboree. Right? Which is still supposed to be taxidermy, I guess, but it's magical taxidermy that talks, which we all know is isn't creepy at all. Boom. ::shifty side eye:: Mooooving on, I'm going to wrap up with a few of the photos you readers shared on Facebook after my first post: These make me so happy. And the volcano dress is so pretty I want to see a Dapper Day version! I'm hoping you'll keep sharing fun memories like this on my FB post and over on FOE, so we can get our vicarious celebrating on this weekend. John and I are working on a friend's house Halloween night (finishing the Potter kitchen), after determining our immediate neighborhood isn't doing any trick-or-treating. It's for the best, I know, but that means I'm depending on you readers to show me all the fun costumes, decorations, and carved pumpkins - past or present! Also don't forget: we're having movie watch parties all weekend long over on the Epbot Discord, starting tonight at 8:30pm EST with Coco! Then tomorrow (Saturday) will be an ALL DAY marathon of family-friendly Halloween movies, and Sunday afternoon there will be a matinee showing of Coco again. Come hang out and chat with your fellow geeks in the text channels; it's fun and low pressure, plus you can share pictures, memes, etc. Good times. ***** Hey, here's something I always forget: We have an Epbot Threadless shop! You can customize your color and fit and all that jazz. I'm mostly mentioning this is to remind John that it is HIGH TIME he add a new design to the shop, though, and my vote is for the Bot holding a Mickey balloon. Or maybe Hamil-Bot. Or Leia Bot. If you have a preference, cast your vote in the comments!

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