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  • Cute Pencil Animal Drawings

    A sweet almost fantasy vibe, crisscrossing the animals in this post. Self-taught German Artist Kleevia makes another welcome appearance here on our site. Lovely interactions between animals and features that give them a cloud soft kind of look. The tiered red panda, has to be my favourite. If the image was a video, the next frames would show this gorgeous little animal gently and progressively shutting it's eyes more and more. Eventually they remain closed, transporting it in a sweet and relaxing sleep. Thinking of the imagery and speaking the words, I almost sent my self to sleep... I am writing this at night, so that is probably why I feel the kinship with adorable little animal. I will probably carry on writing for a wile longer; might take a leaf from the raccoon and make a coffee. 😃️ Ps. I gave the images some titles. For more of Kleevia's work here on DesignStack, press this LINK. Coffee raccoon. Press the Image to Enlarge it. Tiered red panda. Press the Image to Enlarge it. Ferret portrait. Press the Image to Enlarge it. Loving wolves. Press the Image to Enlarge it. Loving foxes. Press the Image to Enlarge it. Baby tiger and butterfly. Press the Image to Enlarge it. Tigers snarling. Press the Image to Enlarge it. The wolf and the lamp. Press the Image to Enlarge it. The wolf pack. Press the Image to Enlarge it. Backbird and the ring. Press the Image to Enlarge it. Lizard on the sofa. Press the Image to Enlarge it. Lioness and cub. Press the Image to Enlarge it.

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  • Cool Drawing Ideas

    Cool Drawing Ideas

  • Willing Slaves .....! by Rumi

    From deep within my heart I always catch the scent of my Beloved. How can I help but follow that fragrance? Last night I was walking through Love's garden where a glimmer of my soul became a teeming river of light! Laughing roses sprang up along the banks. Dazzling waters rolled past the thorns of being with speed enough to elude the sword of death. Every tree and blade of grass danced in the meadow. But to an eye without this vision, all seemed plain and ordinary. Suddenly a great cypress shot up from the ground! The whole garden roared with delight - the jamines exploded, the broad-leafed trees clapped their hands. A face of fire, A cup of fire, A heart of fire - all were blazing with joy. Surrounded by flames, my soul called out, "O God, where shall I run?" In the world of Oneness there is nothing but yourself, there is no room for counting. But in the world of things there is so much counting. You may count a thousand apples in your hand - If you want them all to be one, make applesauce. You may count a thousand grapes in your hand - If you want the precious wine crush them all together. The message behind the words is the voice of the heart. The source of all activity is that utter stillness. Now Beloved is in the royal seat and all my rhymes have lined up like willing slaves. ~ Rumi -- Version by Jonathan Star "Rumi - In the Arms of the Beloved " Jeremy P. Tarcher/Putnam, New York 1997

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    From cheesy chick-flicks to intricate romance movies, we've all wondered what role we'd fill. Don't delay--I've gotchu! ♡ [None of the images featured belong to me!]

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