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  • What's Hotter Than David Beckham Showing His Abs? Believe It or Not, THIS...

    I spend a lot of time writing and thinking about David Beckham's abs. (See exhibits A, B, C and D.) There is no denying that the studly soccer great has a smoking body, but I came across this photo today and it was a moment of revelation.

  • Keep your little babe warm this winter with the Quincy Mae Clay Pointelle Bonnet. Made with organic cotton, this beautiful soft bonnet ties at the neck to ensure it stays on and keeps their little ears warm.

  • Patrons de tricot bébé : nos modèles préférés

    Pas toujours facile de trouver le patron parfait pour tricoter pour un bébé. On vous aide à faire votre choix avec notre sélection de modèles préférés.

  • As A Dad Of Four, I’ve Been Taking Photos Of My Kids With Their Brother Bear For Years (30 Pics)

    My name is Adrian Murray. I’m a dad who has been creating images with my kids and their bears for about six years now (amongst other kinds of photos).

  • Carlos & Zurera (12)
  • 25 Lovely Baby Names That Will Be Popular Forever

    Not every mother wants to go "Hollywood" with her baby, though. Sometimes, classic is best.

  • 25 Names From Germany For Little Beauties

    "They're amongst some of the most unique European names and truly set children apart in terms of meaning as well as phonetic sound when pronounced."

  • Do You Let Your Kids Listen to Explicit Music?

    I won't let my kids listen to explicit music for as long as I can get away with it. My daughters rocking out singing "I feeling sexual"? No thanks.

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  • Así de grande está la niña rusa que fue nombrada la más linda del mundo 2017

    Anastasia Knyazeva, la pequeña de 10 años que fue nombrada como la niña más linda del mundo por los internautas en el 2017, sigue deslumbrando con su belleza. En Instagram, la pequeña ya cuenta con más de un millón de seguidores, a quienes asombra con sus ojazos azules y su larga cabellera castaña. ¡Conoce más de la joven modelo infantil!

  • 12 Uncommon Baby Names

    Looking for baby names that are lovely and not yet overdone? Try one of these for uncommon baby names for your son or daughter.

  • Los Sombreros De Primavera Para Niños Tan Tiernos Como Ellos

    Llega la primavera y el verano y nada mejor que contar con unos sombreros de primavera para niños que los hagan sentir muy cómodos dentro o fuera de casa.

  • Mira cuánto ha crecido Anna Knyazeva, la niña más bonita del mundo (FOTOS)

    La niña más bonita del mundo se llama Anna Knyazeva y aquí su historia y sus mejores fotos.

  • Цветы жизни

    // Наталья Коломоец

  • 😈جنۆکەکەم😈[تەواو بوو✔]

    چیرۆکێکی ترسناکە ئەگەر ئەترسی مەیخوێنەوە😏 وە بە تەواوی خەیاڵیەو دوورە لە ڕاستیەوە😁

  • Lauren Lunde (로렌) on

    “Share some Cooper pics for Boabo 😊”

  • 25 Feisty Baby Girl Names That Are Full Of Attitude

    25 Feisty Baby Girl Names That Are Full Of Attitude

  • This oversized short sleeved romper features a terry towel fabrication with a gingham print along with snap closures for easy diaper changes. *Matching (really) oversized Mama top available. Made in South Korea — If you are in between sizes, we recommend you size up.

  • first weekend of fall

    it was the official first day of Fall over the weekend, and Texas delivered us some cooler weather! way out of character for Texas this time of year, and after posting this photo to instagram it seemed like lots of other friends were experiencing our usual 90 degree heat in September. we’ve had a stretch …

  • My Selection Of Fairy Tale-Like Photos Of Kids And Animals

    These incredible photographs made by several photographers on in Instagram allow the viewer to dive into a wonderful and almost dreamlike world that revolves around children and animals. Taking advantage of the natural colors, climatic conditions and its charming surroundings, talented photographers create soft, warm and comforting photographs that seem to be drawn from a fantasy world. Scroll down to see them for yourself.

  • Cool Baby Names That Aren't Super Popular

    Like fashion or food, baby names are no exception to the rise and fall of trends. Each year there are names that stand out for their soaring popularity across the country, while other names hang steady at the lower end of the list. Thanks to the Social Security Administration, we know exactly which names are popular and which are not. In 2016, Emma and Noah topped the charts for girls and boys respectively, each with over 19,000 babies given the names. While we absolutely love those names too, maybe you don't want to risk your child being the fifth Emma in her first grade class. We combed the list for you to find the coolest baby names that ranked at #100 or lower, so that you can make sure your child stands out against the crowd.

  • 50 Toddler Shots to Improve Your Family Photography

    In the theatre you never want to work with children or animals; in photography it's a little different. Family photography is a very important part of many professional photographers skill...

  • 3-Year-Old Dresses Up Like Powerful Women, Wins Internet

    Sometimes, it can feel like the world is against you. And as women know all too well, that can literally be the case at times. With the wage gap still a very real thing, and sexism invading so many aspects of life, having the energy and stamina to…