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  • Handsome deputy stuns with his fancy footwork

    When Deputy Estrada starts dancing to the music, you can’t help but smile. This officer is having so much fun with his swoops and turns, all in the name of recruitment.

  • Your favorite classic movie stars happy-dance to ‘I’m So Excited’ in fun dance video

    If you are looking for something that will make you smile and laugh, you’re in the right place. This compilation of classic movie scenes mixed with this 80s song will get you quite excited.

  • 17-Year-Old Brings Down the House With Energetic Dance Routine to Queen

    People all over the world instantly fell in love with Freddie Mercury the first time they heard Queen. His powerhouse vocals were enough to bring anyone to their feet, but seeing his band perform live

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  • Tik Tok dances ✨ @mali4art
  • Worth it - Fifth Harmony ft.Kid Ink  May J Lee Choreography
  • Chorégraphie
  • I love this dance 💃
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  • Running Man Variation Short Tutorial Shuffle Dance Music video dance tips tik tok
  • Couple dance choreography
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  • They Thought They Were Normal Dancers. But When The Duo Did THIS Step, Everyone Lost Their Minds

    The young couple shocked the viewers with a modern dance routine that was part ballet and part performance art. Both the dancers are incredible; their grace, their flexibility, and their choreography are all on point.

  • Charlie Damelio Tik Tok Dance Videos 2021 Trending #1
  • TikTok dance tutorial vid
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