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  • Paper Flowers Craft

    This Paper Flowers Craft will really get your creativity juices flowing! I had SO much fun playing with these paper flowers and think you will too. :-)

  • 10 Ways to Make Felt Flowers

    Looking for a DIY tutorial on how to make felt flowers? Click through to discover 10! Including felt flower video tutorials and free downloadable templates. Whether you want to make felt flower headbands, hoops or bookmarks, these easy how to make tutorials are ideal (and perfect crafts for kids too). #felt #flower #ilovesewing #sewingbeginners

  • DIY Marigold (Cempazuchitl) For Day Of The Dead Using Tissue Paper

    Learn to DIY Mexican marigold flowers which are believed to guide spirits of the departed loved ones on the Day of the dead holiday.

  • Resin for Beginners: How to Get Started

    Resin for Beginners. I work with drying flowers with silica gel and preserving them in resin so that is what I will be focusing on.

  • 4 Ways To Make Real Silk Roses

    These silk roses are made with pure silk fabric & ribbon. Real silk roses take some time to make but it's worth it because they look almost like real roses!

  • Paper Flowers: 7 Easy DIY Paper Flower Tutorials You Can Make Today

    7 stunning paper flowers made with coffee filters, tissue paper, book pages, paint chips, and cupcake wrappers. Find the easy tutorials on Dagmar's Home.

  • DIY How to Make Paper Flower Hydrangea
  • How to Make Crepe-Paper Flowers

    Making any blossom is a fun and imaginative process inspired by nature. Here, we explain how to mimic the elements of real flowers with paper and crafts supplies.


    These DIY NO SEW FELT FLOWERS are the perfect homemade Mother's Day gift - and the best part is, is that they'll never wilt or die!

  • 20 Gorgeous Paper Flowers You Can Make

    20 tutorials for stunning DIY paper flowers. Printable templates and step by step instructions make it easy. Giant flowers, roses, tissue paper flowers and more.

  • DIY Paper Dahlia – The Oversized Paper Version of the Beloved Spring Flower

    Dahlia is one of the favourite spring flowers and you can make your own oversized paper version with the materials you can easily find in a craft store. If wedding bells will ring this spring, then add these lovely paper dahlias to your special day. Celebrate the sun shining, birds chirping, trees growing and love […]

  • DIY Paper Flowers Tutorial (Tissue Paper)

    This DIY Paper Flowers tutorial show the step by step process of how to make cherry blossoms. These tissue paper flowers look so realistic.

  • How To Make Paper Flowers At Home

    These 20 DIY tutorials of How to Make Paper Flowers have easy step-by-step directions so you can make the most stunning and unique paper flowers at home!

  • How to Make Tissue Paper Flowers Four Ways

    Tissue paper flowers make a gorgeous event decor with a big impact—think weddings, baby showers, bridal showers and more! Learn how to make easy tissue paper flowers, as well as different methods for cutting the petals to create four unique styles.

  • Gänseblümchen basteln: 3 frühlingshafte DIY-Ideen

    Mit selbst gebastelten Gänseblümchen lassen sich so viele schöne Dekoideen umsetzen. 3 kreative Ideen zeige ich euch hier!

  • Coffee Filter Craft Ideas

    You are going to fall in LOVE with these beautiful Coffee Filter Craft Ideas! I should also mention, coffee filters are pretty inexpensive!

  • How to Make a Poppy Felt Flower

    This is a simple, step by step, DIY poppy felt flower tutorial; get inspired to create. No sewing involved. Let's make something beautiful!

  • How to Make Felt Flowers - DIY with free printable pattern

    How to make felt flowers with a simple rolled technique and free printable pattern. Easy felt flower DIY. Pretty felt flower headband tutorial.

  • Download the free paper roses template!

    and turn them into a beautiful Spring wreath.

  • Fun Hand Embroidery Yarn Flower DIY Tutorial with Fork - Video

    Fun Hand Embroidery Yarn Flower DIY Tutorial with Fork - Video

  • Felt Lavender Flowers DIY Pattern & Tutorial

    Our felt lavender flowers are great for beginners! Make an entire bundle in a short amount of time using a cutting machine with a rotary blade.

  • Handmade Flower Tutorials: 37 Inspiring Flower Projects

    If you're looking for a fun list of handmade flower tutorials, look no further! These projects are fun and easy, and you'll love them! Promise!

  • Giant Paper Flower for a DIY Wedding Backdrop - Craft Tutorial

    I recently had the chance to make some wonderful large crepe paper flowers for a friend's wedding. They were to be part of a backdrop installation, so we needed to make a lot of flowers that filled a space well while still being finely-crafted and artistic. On one Saturday we were able to make all the flowers we needed, while enjoying each others company, and some mimosas, of course! We made several different styles of flower, but this one was my favorite, and has a big payoff for not too much work. The key to this style is Italian crepe paper, which is stiffer, and stretchier than regular crepe paper. It's more expensive, but the petals don't flop, and this flower is HUGE- 18 inches across. You'll spend more on paper, but this giant paper flower is a showstopper. The other note I have on supplies is to use a Chinet paper plate. I don't often recommend supplies by brand (unless they are Smile Mercantile brand!) but Chinet dinner plates are thick, sturdy, and have slightly higher edges than standard paper plates. This means that it will cradle the flower well, and is strong enough to attach with command strips to a wall, or wire to an arch, railing, chair, etc, etc, for your display. As Amazon Associates we may earn from qualifying purchases. Supplies: Italian crepe paper in outer petal color (1 roll per 18" flower) Regular crepe paper in inner petal color Any crepe paper in flower center color Scissors Hot glue gun (low temp) + glue sticks Chinet paper plate Step 1: Unroll some of the Italian crepe paper, and cut a strip vertically with the grain as wide as you'd like your outer petals to be. Mine are about 7 1/2 inches wide. Fold the strip in half, against the grain. Step 2: Cut out a petal shape with the fold at the bottom. You can choose any petal shape you like. We enjoyed making each flower different. Some had pointy petals, some were rounded, and some were frilly. Step 3: Gather the petal at the base, and pinch to crease it. Release the gather, add a bead of hot glue, re-gather it, and hold it tight until the glue sets. Step 4: Stretch the center of the petal away from you to make a cupped shape. Be gentle, and don't stretch the top edge of the petal. Use this method to make 8-10 petals - enough to go all the way around the plate. Step 5: Apply the petals one by one to the paper plate, a couple inches in from the edge. Glue the back side of the petal to the plate, and hold it in place until it sets. Add the next petal, overlapping the last one slightly. Continue all the way around the plate. Step 6: Now make 6-8 of the same type of petal, but in a slightly smaller size, approximately 5 1/2 inches wide, 7 inches long. Fold the ends of the petals upwards before applying them to the plate. This will help them stand up vertically. Apply these petals to the plate in a circle just inside the ring of outer petals. Step 7: Cut a rectangle of crepe paper in a complementary color, roughly 6 inches tall. This can be regular crepe paper, or Italian, your choice. Fold with the grain of the paper several times until the fold is 2 - 2 1/2 inches wide. Then fold in half against the grain. With the fold at the bottom, cut out an oblong petal shape. Unfold, and you'll have a double ended petal. Stretch the centers of the petals away from you to make cupped shapes, and then bring both sides together, pinching the centers together. Make a good number of these- 15-20 of them perhaps. Step 8: Glue these small petals around the inner circle of the flower. Let them be every which way. They don't need to be applied uniformly. Step 9: To make the inner fringe, cut a long strip of crepe paper in yellow, or the center color of your choice. This should be roughly 4 x 20 inches- or so. Fold with the grain to a small, manageable rectangle. Cut about 2/3 of the way into the fold, making close cuts, about 1/8 inch wide. Unfold after cutting, and then roll up the fringe, tacking the end down with glue. Rough up the center fringe to make it a little messy, trim off the excess length of the stem, and glue it into the center of the flower. Step 10: Stretch the edges of the outer petals back and forth to make the petals ruffled, kind of like making a pie crust. If you choose to hang the flower up as part of a wedding backdrop or flower wall, you can pierce the paper plate to add a wire hanger. You will enjoy the Italian crepe paper for it's sturdiness, and it will hold up to being displayed vertically. Clustered together in fun colors, these crepe paper flowers are sure to impress! PIN ME:

  • 20 DIY Felt Flowers

    Here are 20 Felt Flower DIY's perfect for decorating and partying! Check out all of the ways you can create succulents and flowers with felt!

  • Peony Paper Flower Tutorial

    Paper Flowers, Paper Flower Bouquets DIY Paper Flowers: Paper Peony Video Tutorial & Templates Paper peonies make gorgeous décor that you can make