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  • Easy DIY Paper Mache Clay : 4 Best Recipes!

    4 Best DIY paper mache clay recipes for home decor & kids crafts! Easy to make with pulp, flour paste, or glue, some without joint compound.

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  • Step by Step Recycled Paper Making Tutorial

    An upcycle craft - turn shredded paper into something new. Recycled paper making tutorial.

  • How to Make Recycled Paper without a Mold or Deckle

    Discover how easy it is to make recycled paper without a mold/mould and deckle! Easy DIY paper with tools you already have at home.

  • How to Easily Make Recycled Paper at Home

    It is easy to make recycled paper at home with the grands. Paper making is an intriguing and hands on process and a great way to use recycled paper.

  • How To Make Paper Flowers At Home

    These 20 DIY tutorials of How to Make Paper Flowers have easy step-by-step directions so you can make the most stunning and unique paper flowers at home!

  • How to Age Paper - Easily!

    Learn How to Age Paper. Fun, easy Mixed Media Technique by Rebecca E. Parsons! 3 Methods & Tools for Distressing Paper and Ephemera with Shoe Polish!

  • DIY Paper Dahlia – The Oversized Paper Version of the Beloved Spring Flower

    Dahlia is one of the favourite spring flowers and you can make your own oversized paper version with the materials you can easily find in a craft store. If wedding bells will ring this spring, then add these lovely paper dahlias to your special day. Celebrate the sun shining, birds chirping, trees growing and love […]

  • Ombre Paper Chain Wall Hanging

    This paper chain wall hanging is so easy to make with colorful Astrobrights cardstock. Create an ombre paper chain with five coordinating colors.

  • Embossing Brown Paper Lunch Bags!

    Learn a quick, easy Mixed Media technique – Embossing Brown Paper Lunch Bags! Step by Step tutorial. See several techniques for embossing lunch bags.

  • Mini Origami Pot Plants Tutorial - Make Paper Houseplants

    Learn how to make a mini origami pot plant with this step by step tutorial. Miniature origami houseplants make great desk decor & gifts.

  • DIY: flower petal paper

    DIY instructions and HOW TO for dried flower petal homemade paper.

  • Step by Step Recycled Paper Making Tutorial

    An upcycle craft - turn shredded paper into something new. Recycled paper making tutorial.

  • 20 Of The Best Envelope Making Tutorials

    Don't buy envelopes for those special cards and invitations, make your own! Learn how to make various types of paper envelopes with these step-by-step tutorials.

  • DIY Decor: How to Make Crepe Paper Bunny Tails

    Bunny tails make such beautiful home decor! Learn how to craft these pink crepe paper bunny tails with our pattern and tutorial.

  • Eucalyptus & Hydrangea Wreath

    Paper flowers, Wreaths DIY Paper Flowers: Eucalyptus & Hydrangea Wreath Video Tutorial & Templates This paper wreath will become a wonderful embellishment for your home, any time of year! I have designed this wreath for spring and summer. But you can use different colors of paper and freshen up your interior in fall or even

  • Gänseblümchen basteln: 3 frühlingshafte DIY-Ideen

    Mit selbst gebastelten Gänseblümchen lassen sich so viele schöne Dekoideen umsetzen. 3 kreative Ideen zeige ich euch hier!

  • How to Make Paper Hyacinth Flowers

    Spring is finally here! Maybe it's been spring for awhile where you are, but I live in Canada, so it takes a little bit longer to warm up where I am. And my oh my, have I ever missed the flowers and the leaves! I love walking my 6 year old daughter to school each morning and seeing the magnolias just ready to bloom, the buds on the trees just ready to burst and the bright yellow forsythia flowers highlighting our backyard. I love this time of year! And since I've been in such a wonderful spring mood, I decided to make

  • Paper Wisteria Tutorial: DIY Hanging Paper Wisteria Flowers

    DIY Paper Wisteria Tutorial - Learn how to make hanging wisteria flowers with this easy step-by-step tutorial for parties and weddings.

  • How To Make Seed Paper For Planting

    Make your own plantable seed paper favors! This seed paper DIY project is fun and educational for kids of all ages! Follow these step-by-step instructions for making seed paper for planting.

  • DIY Tassel Paperclip Bookmarks

    Get organized or save your spot on your favorite book with these super simple and stylish DIYs! DIY Tassel & DIY Pom Pom Bookmarks/Page tabs!

  • Kids Craft Easy Origami Paper Umbrella DIY Tutorial

    Kids Craft Easy Origami Paper Umbrella DIY Tutorial

  • How to Make Paper with Kids

    Making paper teaches children how one of our most ubiquitous materials -- PAPER -- is made, and it's also a fun sensory project for kids of all ages.

  • Free Succulent SVG and Cactus Template Files

    Free paper succulent svg and printable template with tutorial.

  • Seed Paper - How to make - Christine's Crafts how to make

    In this tutorial you will make seed paper really easily and inexpensively from items that you probably have at home already.