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  • ¿Estas bien kenma-kun?┊𝘬𝘦𝘯𝘮𝘢 𝘬𝘰𝘻𝘶𝘮𝘦

    一femꜝꜝ ┊ ❛donde kenma aprende a como ser padre soltero, luego de un romance fallido❜ 一✦ kozume kenma x fem!reader. 一 ✦ Los personajes no me pertenecen, creditos a su respectivo autor, haruchi fudurate

  • New Life

    Izuku has had enough of everything in UA for now. He decides he needs a break. And how better to get a break then going somewhere far away? He heads off to America to visit some friends for a few months and comes back.... new? Warnings Dekubowl Swearing None of the photos are mine Suggestive Wording Underage drinking BL BxB lol hope you enjoy your bowl of deku

  • E-Boy

    Trigger Warning: Some sensitive topics are mentioned in this article. If this kind of thing bothers you, please consider reading a different page. Thank you. Electronic boys, also known as E-Boys, gained popularity through the TikTok app, similar to the E-Girl. The style is very close to modern-day grunge with an additional emphasis on electronics. E-Boys practice a lot of the same trends as the E-Girl trend, like showing interest in anime and video games, having a persona of being soft yet sexy

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  • THEMES ( OPEN !! )

    ❛ let me help you with your account. . dude , you will thank me later . ❜

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  • Formats and bio

    🌈カスタムフォーマットとバイオ 💬 💫美しい滑らかなはずの豪華なベベル✅ Bio as per request . •°'«•°• 💌Beautiful, soft, gentle, sweet, stately oblique 💒 بْآيَۆ ۆ تٌنْسيَقآتٌ حٍسبْ آلُطُلُبْ.....! جٍميَلُہ نْآعنْہ گآبْتٌلُہ آلُڒٍہرہ آلُجٍآنْبْ آلُآسۆدِ منْہآ شُعرہآ ۆ عيَنْيَہ لُآتٌشُبْہنْيَ بْآحٍدِ فَآنْآ آلُيَسآر آڏ گآنْ آلُآعلُم آلُيَميَنْ....!

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    “manifesting friday nights once quarantine is over”

  • artistry

    saf aşk, mezheplerin dışına çıkmış ve sanata bürünmüştür. - ilk 250120, son 160620


    photo album!!

  • He's Leaving!!

    Izuku Midoriya is apart of Class-1A. He has All Mights quirk and plenty of friends. However when he gets home one day from school his mom tells him there going to America! Izuku doesn't want to leave his classmates and they don't want him to go either. ~One Year Later~ What happens when Class-2A (because there in there second year of hero school) go on a trip to America and see there old friend although he seems to have changed... (this is my first story! sorry if it's bad) (I don't know if im doing ships!) (none of the pictures are mine!) (in the middle of editing/kinda ON HOLD because of editing) ~Slow Updates~

  • New Chat Continued

    The continuation of New Chat 😂