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  • Forgetting how to glasses when drunk.

    I got 43 problems and 20/20 vision could solve all of them.

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  • Hello! All here is about multitalented James Franco my love. I wish I could follow back but this is...
  • Important: There Is A Third Franco Brother

    No, this is not a joke about James Franco.

  • 30 Ridiculous Facts That You Never Knew About James Franco. - tickld.com
  • Sa gorge

    Cette façon qu’il a d’avaler sa salive…

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  • James Franco in Fourteen Actors Acting: A Video Gallery of Classic Screen Types
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  • Imagine: Waking up next to James. He has to leave for press tour that day.

    James: Lets never leave this bed. Y/N: You have to go. James: But I don’t want to leave you.

  • Are You A Freak? Or A Geek?

    You already know you're an outcast...but which one?

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  • When He Made This Face and Became Part of the Global Warming Problem

    Photo of When He Made This Face and Became Part of the Global Warming Problem

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  • James Franco, as a cat. Dancing with a cat. I don't necessarily understand it, but I like it.
  • James Franco se toma foto cariñosa con una fan para dar celos al chico que la terminó

    Probablemente el peor mensaje que puede recibir una chica adolescente son la palabras "tenemos que hablar", sobre todo si viene del celular de su novio y está a punto de entrar a clases. Esta historia nos ha pasado a muchas y también a Greta Pasqual, una adolescente estadounidense de 15 años a quien

  • Your Guide to Being a Social Media Rock Star in 2016

    My first encounter with social media was a long time ago. My first account wasn’t on Facebook or Twitter…it was on Myspace, and this was long before it became a music platform. When Facebook first showed up on the scene I laughed. This site will never take off, I thought. Well, as you can plainly see, my past self was entirely wrong. The world of social media has grown far beyond a simple internet hangout.Today websites like Facebook, Twitter, and plenty of others are becoming CRUCIAL for success as a blogger. They offer a rich potential to connect with, engage, and attract

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  • Hugs and kisses and playful warmth. Etc etc. or rest. Or whatever is best
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  • James Franco gif I love his smile <3