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  • ITZY Are K-Pop's Newest Queens Of Confidence

    ITZY sat down with Refinery29 to talk about their messages of positivity and self-love that have already earned them such a passionate, large fanbase.

  • girl group imagines

    HERE ARE SOME KPOP GIRL GROUP IMAGINES I HOPE YOU ENJOY THEM!! FEEL FREE TO SEND REQUESTS AND COMMENTS ABOUT MY WORK! gxg Also this is pure fiction, none of this happened in real life, not unless.... NOTE: I'm still working on how to write gender neutral imagines, so I hope you wait for those too. Enjoy!

  • Create Your Own Girl Group

    Choose the following to make your own girl group

  • Gold drop earrings

  • LIPHOP on

    “#gidle & #liphop ROCKIN LIPHOP”

  • ִֶָ𖧧 ˖𝒮𝑜𝑜𝒿𝒾𝓃
  • ✧.*
  • everglow
  • lisa pics on

    “i used to ignored main dancer in a kpop girl group but then lisa happened”


    “[📸] Foto promocional do (G)I-DLE para o ”Gossip IDLE”! #GIDLE #여자아이들”

  • Son Chaeyoung - K-Pop
  • 박지민 🌹⚡️ᴮᴱ on


  • Everglow -77.82X-78.29 Teaser Photos 2 (HD/HQ) - K-Pop Database /

    After the first teaser photos in black, the 2nd batch of teaser photos for Everglow's 2nd album titled -77.82X-78.29 are in red.

  • Dreamcatcher Lockscreens 🎠 on

    “'BEcause' Relay Dance (Static Wallpaper) @hf_dreamcatcher #드림캐쳐 #DREAMCATCHER #Summer_Holiday”

  • Hwasa of Girl Group Mamamoo Set to Launch Solo Career

    Hwasa of girl group Mamamoo is launching her first solo single this week