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  • 90+ British Movies on Netflix Right Now

    Most of us know Netflix is a great place to find British TV shows, but not everyone realizes just how many British movies you can watch on Netflix. Although

  • See Best Kiss Winners Chase Stokes and Madelyn Cline Share Steamy Smooch at 2021 MTV Movie & TV Awards

    Outer Banks co-stars and offscreen couple Chase Stokes and Madelyn Cline proved why they were crowned the Best Kiss winners at 2021 MTV Movie & TV Awards. See their on stage kiss below.

  • Special TV Spot and Poster from the NEW Beauty and the Beast movie #BeOurGuest #BeautyandtheBeast

    I'm watching The Golden Globes tonight and all of a sudden a new TV spot from the new Beauty and the Beast movie pops up. The whole room goes silent as we listen to Emma Watson's

  • MTV Movie & TV Awards 2021: The Complete List of Winners

    To All the Boys: Always and Forever and WandaVision were the big winners at the 2021 MTV Movie & TV Awards

  • Everything Coming To Netflix January 2020

    All the best new shows and movies headed to Netflix in January 2020.

  • Lesbian Netflix - 20 Unmissable Movies & TV Shows

    Looking for the best of lesbian Netflix? Check out our guide for the best wlw movies and TV shows streaming on Netflix right now.

  • All the Nostalgic TV Shows & Movies Rebooted in 2018

    Check out which TV shows and movies that have a special place in your heart are getting the TV reboot treatment.

  • It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas On Netflix

    Netflix wants you to "let it stream" this holiday season with a bunch of festive original movies and TV shows.

  • All The Movies & TV Shows Leaving Netflix This May

    Netflix just dropped all the titles leaving this May — and some are heartbreaking.

  • 20 Gilmore Girls Quotes That Prove Lorelai & Rory Had The Best Mother-Daughter Relationship

    Lorelai and Rory are goals when it comes to having a good mother-daughter relationship. Here are the top 20 Gilmore Girls quotes that make us all want to to look back on our own relationships.

  • Movie Review for Me Before You (2016 Movie)

    Movie review of Me Before You, a romantic drama starring actress Emilia Clarke as Lou and actor Sam Claflin as Will.

  • 25 Best Love Quotes From Our Favorite Romantic Movies & TV Shows

    Romantic movies and TV shows have some of the best love scenes ever that leave us with quotes that give us hope that true love really does exist. Here are the best love quotes as told by your favorite on-screen characters.

  • Top 21 Romantic Movies (Similar to Pride and Prejudice and Downton Abbey)

    I love romantic period classic films and TV shows. Especially those with good acting, that is well written and historically accurate. Pride and Prejudice and Downton Abbey have been extremely popular (and for good reason) and are two of my favorites. For those just discovering this amazing genre or for those wishing to find more,...Read More »

  • 101 Movies To Watch As a Family (Organized By Age!)

    Need new ideas for family movie night at home? Here are 101 family movies that you and your kids will enjoy, organized by age.

  • What's The Sauciest Clapback You've Heard In A Teen Movie Or TV That You Wish You Thought Of Yourself
  • 14 Awesome Backpacking and Hiking Movies for Indoor Adventures

    Looking for good backpacking or hiking movies to inspire you're next outdoor trip? These films are the perfect selection!

  • When Cher ended up dating Josh, her ex-stepbrother, in Clueless.
  • 13 TV Moments From This Week That We Can't Stop Talking About

    Ted Lasso is finally back and as wholesome as ever.

  • Across the River and Into the Trees Movie starring Pierce Brosnan

    Two teaser posters for Across the River and Into the Trees, the upcoming drama movie directed by Martin Campbell from on a script by Peter Flannery based on the novel of the same name by Ernest Hemingway and starring Pierce Brosnan:

  • 4 Reasons Mamma Mia! Is the Ultimate Summer Movie

    Sometimes you need a movie that can lift your spirit and leave you smiling as the credits roll, and 2008's Mamma Mia! does exactly that. Featuring beautiful

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  • Madelyn Cline Matched Boyfriend Chase Stokes in 2 Cute and Clever Ways at the MTV Awards

    Photo of Madelyn Cline Matched Boyfriend Chase Stokes in 2 Cute and Clever Ways at the MTV Awards

  • 25 Redesigned Movie Posters for Your Favourite 80s Films

    Alternative movie posters are fun side projects designers and illustrators enjoy working on to show off their own take on the promo art for a popular film. There’s a huge number of examples of discover in portfolios around the web that feature a range of movies across all genres and years. For today’s showcase I’ve […]