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  • My Girl is all grown up! Former child star Anna Chlumsky hits the red carpet at The Iron Lady premiere

    Now, Anna Chlumsky is 31, married and soon to be enjoying a career resurgence thanks to her role in upcoming comedy series Veep.

  • "MY GIRL" - 1991 Original 27x40 Movie Poster - Regular Style "When your Dad's an undertaker, your Mom's in heaven, and your Grandma's got a screw loose... It's good to have a friend who understands you. Even if he is a boy." Here is a great original movie poster from the 1991 young love melodrama film - "MY GIRL" - starring Dan Aykroyd, Jamie Lee Curtis, Macaulay Culkin, Anna Chlumsky, Richard Masur and Griffin Dunne. Directed by Howard Zieff. The poster that you are buying is the US Regular Style. It is an original 1-sheet that measures approx. 27 x 40 inches in size. it is rolled, 2-sided and in near mint condition. A little ding in the lower right border. The poster has been stored in a dry, smoke-free home. THIS IS NOT A CHEAP VIDEO POSTER OR WORTHLESS REPRINT - BUT AN AUTHENTIC ORIGINAL THEATRICAL RELEASE POSTER. Great item for "MY GIRL" fans!! SHIPPING: Free shipping on all products! PAYMENT METHODS: I will accept PAYPAL. PLEASE CHECK OUT MY FEEDBACK!! BUY WITH CONFIDENCE! GOOD LUCK!

  • Cutest Television/Film Couples

    Although some may have been/are real couples :) A Collaboration of *some of my favorite film's most adored couples throughout entertainment history. I know I missed several, but these were the ones that came to mind right off the bat! And I did add one or two extra pictures of certain couples since I love their characters so much! Enjoy <3 *Danny<3Sandy [Grease, 1978] *Edward<3Bella [Twilight, 2008] *Sebastian<3Annette [Cruel Intentions,1999] *Edward<3Kim [Edward Scissorhands, 1990] *Landon<3Jamie [A Walk To Remember, 2002] *Captain Von Trapp<3Maria [The Sound of Music, 1965] *Jake<3Samantha [Sixteen Candles, 1984] *Dylan<3Brenda [Beverly Hills 90210, 1990*] television series *Lucas<3Peyton [One Tree Hill, 2003-2009*] television series *Chuck<3Blair [Gossip Girl, 2007-Current] television series *Ricky<3Lucy [I Love Lucy, 1951-1957] televsion series *Reed<3Julia [Valentine's Day, 2010] *Zack<3Kelly [Saved by the bell, 1989-1993] television series *Noah<3Allie [The Notebook, 2004] *Corey<3Topanga [Boy Meets World, 1993] television series *Zack<3Chloe [Malibu Shores, 1996] television series *Andrew<3Margaret [The Proposal, 2009] *Aladdin<3Jasmine [Disney's Aladdin, 1992] *Ezra<3Aria [Pretty Little Liars, 2010] television series *Mike<3Abby [The Ugly Truth, 2009] *Sam<3Annie [Sleepless in Seattle, 1993] *Johnny<3Frances 'Baby' [Dirty Dancing, 1987]* fabulous year *Edward<3Vivian [Pretty Woman, 1990] *Will<3Ronnie [The Last Song, 2010] *Sam<3Josie [Never Been Kissed, 1999] *Thomas<3Vada [My Girl, 1991] *Adam<3Emma [No Strings Attached, 2011] *Nathan<3Haley [One Tree Hill, 2003-Current] television series * Eric<3Ariel [Disney's The Little Mermaid, 1989] *Cry-Baby<3Allison [Cry-baby, 1990] *Ross<3Rachel [Friends, 1994-2004] television series *Sam<3Molly [Ghost, 1990] *Jack<3Rose [Titanic, 1997] *Garrett<3Erin [Going the Distance, 2010] *Dan<3Serena [Gossip Girl, 2007-Current] television series bisous<3 ashie

  • El primer amor en 20 películas románticas

    Dicen que es al que más queremos, aunque a los siguientes los queremos mejor. Inolvidables y tiernos, recorremos el género adolescente en busca de sus momentos más conmovedores.

  • Heartbreaking Movies You Should Never Watch Alone

    Grab a box of tissues because these are the saddest movies, like, ever.

  • When Vada couldn't help but be heartbroken over Thomas J.'s death in My Girl.
  • I have seen this movie a hundred times, and I still cry my eyes out when she's at his funeral...where are his glasses? get his glasses, he can't see without his glasses!!! Rips my heart apart every time.
  • She Is Not My Girl

    She is not “my girl.” She belongs to herself, and to all of the world. And I am blessed, for with all her freedom, she still comes

  • Why Is My Eye Twitching Uncontrollably? 5 Icky Mysteries of the Human Body, Explained

    Most of us spend nearly all of our waking hours preoccupied with basic physical functions like eating, drinking, and emotionally processing new episodes of Keeping Up With the Kardhasians. But our bodies are capable of some truly phenomenal physical…

  • My Sketchbook Art I Drawing Happy Dreamy Sleepy Girls I Sleeping Cute Girl Sketc...,  #art #A...
  • Coffee Talk: First Kiss

    Ooh, now here’s a question we’ve been saving for you ladies: Do you remember your first kiss? Maybe it was

  • 24 Times Dads Acted So Dramatically When Parenting, Their Kids Just Had To Share It Online

    Dad giving life lessons is an emotionally charged, critically acclaimed real-life drama much like a Hollywood movie.

  • 46 Hilariously Accurate Tweets That Sum Up What It Means To Be British

    Given recent events, it's nice to find something aimed at the UK that a British person can actually laugh about. And Twitter account @britishreactions is that something.

  • Love Yourself First - Valentine's Day Motivational Posters

    I challenge you to dedicate this Valentine's Day to loving yourself first! Grab my self-love motivational posters and fall in love with yourself!

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  • DIY Pantry Shelf

    "Bringing DIY to the Pantry! Build an easy pantry shelf for $50" Hey Guys ! Kelly here with City Girl Meets Farm Boy! Every spring, I get the itch to get organized, especially in my kitchen. My pantry is a tiny closet and I decided this year I was ready to change that.Since I am on a budget, I had to search for ideas o

  • Ikea Hack: Mit Nordli und Stuva das Kinderzimmer aufpimpen

    Nordli und Stuva sind zwei beliebte Aufbewahrungssysteme von Ikea. Während die Nordli Serie eher schlicht in weiß gehalten ist, besticht Stuva…

  • Colorful Stained Glass Kites Window Display

    Cute colorful tissue paper stained glass kites decorating our windows. This is a super-easy, no-mess craft, great for little ones and big kids alike!