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  • Fairy Tales Within Macro Photography By Vadim Trunov

    Thanks to the advanced optical technologies which allow us to explore otherwise unreachable majesty of the world through a lens. However, thanks to talented artists who manage to capture and remind us about the beauty of it. One of those artists, Vadim Trunov, doesn't look far – most of his macro photos are taken just on his doorstep in Voronezh, Russia. Masterpiece photography by Trunov provides a new perspective to our surroundings by portraying the uniqueness, diversity and vitality of the micro nature. In his pictures, vibrant creatures in their colourful environment expose supremely picturesque lands and create fairy-tale atmospheres. Surprisingly, some of them replicate common human life situations. Can you relate to any of these characters? For more beauty please visit Vadim Trunov's portfolio. I'm sure your eyes deserve it!

  • 11 Gear-Free Photography Hacks

    It doesn't matter if you're taking photos for a hobby or to jump start a career, we could all use a little help. Everyone has to start somewhere and most

  • Switzerland...
  • The magical beauty of Britain, shown at its very best by the British Wildlife Photography Awards

    Over the course of the last 10 years the British Wildlife Photography Awards have done a wonderful job of showcasing some of the most extraordinary natural wonders of this island.

  • Original Landscape Photography by Emanuela Teaca | Documentary Art on Paper | Sunflowers field - Limited Edition 1 of 3
  • These lovable pictures are a mouse-terclass in nature photography as harvest mice frolic in the flowers...

    Only the most eagle-eyed snappers can spot these critters as they are just 2in long

  • How to Photograph Spring Landscapes

    Get your wide-angle lens at the ready! Ross Hoddinott shows you how to photograph spring landscapes in this photography tutorial.

  • How to Photograph Trees and Forests

    Want to photograph trees? It's harder than you think! Find out how to take amazing photos of forests and woodland in this tutorial.

  • 12 Best Hikes In Washington State, USA

    Whenever I think of Washington, I think of lush green forests, the gorgeous city of Seattle, and, of course, nature that is incredible for hiking. Its dramatic wilderness absolutely defines this Pacific Northwest state for

  • See the Wacky, Weird and Wonderful Finalists of the 2021 Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards

    The winners of the annual competition, which features hilarious animal photos from around the world, will be announced on October 22

  • 10 Macro Photography Tips for Beginners

    10 Macro Photography Tips for Beginners. Easy steps to take your macro photography to the next level. Set your camera, find your subject, and snap.

  • Itinéraire de 10 jours entre la Bavière et le Tyrol

    La Bavière est un état situé dans le sud-est de l'Allemagne et le Tyrol est un land de l'Autriche de l'ouest, situé dans les Alpes. Ce road trip de 10 jours est une ode aux paysages majestueux de lacs et de montagnes, aux maisons typiques peintes de cette région

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    "How to defeat terrorism? Don't be terrorized. Don't let fear rule your life. Even if you are scared." — Salman Rushdie

  • 17+ Incredible Purple Birds of the World

    There are birds in all shades and color variations, and purple is no exception. Like blue, purple is produced by the structural coloration of bird feathers, not by pigments, so the color will depen…

  • The 50 Most Beautiful Places in Arizona (2020 Guide)

    These 50 most beautiful places in Arizona will take your breath away! You'll find Arizona's most stunning canyons, deserts, parks, and more!

  • Inspiración en Otoño: 18 Consejos que te Dan 18 Fotos Espectaculares

    El otoño es una estación llena de color, perfecta para ser fotografiada con nuestras cámaras. Con el permiso de todos nuestros amigos que viven en zonas ecuatoriales o del hemisferio sur, hoy quería acercarte un puñado de ideas y, con suerte, un poqu

  • What a beautiful sunset. - Funny

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  • Goa to Kerala itinerary 🚌🚊✈ Bus, train, or flight? Backpacking South India travel blog

    Here are the best ways to get to Kerala from Goa by public transportation. Backpacking South INDIA.

  • A Rainbow of Light Diffracts Through Hummingbird Wings in Photographs by Christian Spencer

    Australian photographer Christian Spencer has lived within Brazil's Itatiaia National Park for nineteen years. The lush natural surroundings offer a multitude of photo opportunities ranging from pumpkin toadlets to false coral snakes. One of Spencer's most fascinating finds is the way that light dif