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  • Create a collage of photos to display on your wall with this extensive, ten-piece picture frame set. These frames come in a variety of sizes, perfect for hanging all over your home or arranged in one display. Choose from a variety of frame finish options to best pair with your decor. Features: Includes 10 picture frames of varied sizes Wood frames Eclectic, rustic style Available in multiple finish colors Gallery wall design Wall mounted Set Includes: (1) 11 x 14 matted frame with 7.5 x 9.5  photo display area (1) 8 x 10 matted frame with 4.5 x 6.5 photo display area (1) 8 x 10 matted frame with 2 3.5 x 5.5 photo display areas (1) 7 x 9 matted frame with 4.5 x 6.5 photo display area (3) 5 x 7 unmatted frames (3) 4 x 6 unmatted frames

  • How to Create & Hang a Gallery Wall in 8 Easy Steps!

    Gallery walls are our favourite type wall art display! They inject style and personality into the room. A gallery wall is a selection of prints, sometimes in different sizes, displayed together to create an ‘art gallery’ effect. It can be a selection of prints (artworks, photos, posters, family photos, you name it!) displayed in a cluster, like below examples:We believe everyone deserves gorgeous art at an affordable price. The great thing about art prints is that they can be changed with the seasons or fashions easily. They provide an accessible way to update your décor and can change the whole look of your space quickly & easily.Creating the perfect layout and combination for a gallery wall can feel like a daunting task. You might have countless ideas and elements to consider incorporating into the design. If you are renting, let us introduce you to your new best friend - 3M wall strips! They won't damage the wall and you can hang your wall art or decor with no fuss 😉 Follow these 8 easy-peasy steps below, to create and hang your own gallery wall in your home without the stress ❤️ Step 1 Let's begin with the wall you have in mind. Doesn't matter if it has artwork on it already. Attach an A4 (or Letter size in the USA) paper to the wall with removable tape. This paper will come in very handy for artwork scale purposes later, trust us 😉 Take a photo of the room, front on, in good lighting. Here is a photo of our wall we will use as the example: Step 2 Now the fun part! Think about the photos or wall art you would like to display on your gallery wall. These could include digital photos of family or friends you already have, some new wall art or posters found by browsing your favourite stores online, or checking out shopping centres or even thrift stores for more unique pieces. Feel free to check out our website here to get some inspiration! Collect all your ideas and pictures, we will come back to them later. Step 3 Once you have your ideas, it's time to think about the size and layout. If you have existing wall art or family photos, now is the time to measure them all and write it all down on a piece of paper. Think about the layout you would like. Pro Tip - Create focus with a large main piece, and maintain balance around it with smaller pieces, to give your gallery wall the WOW factor! Don't be scared to mix up frame colours too. Black, oak or white mixed together looks just fabulous 🙌 We have created a free gallery wall layout templates guide. Click on the picture below to download the free PDF template of popular gallery wall art layouts. Keep this file handy for the next step. Step 4 Hop onto the canva website and create a free account. This is best done from a computer, and the below instructions might be different if using a phone or tablet. * From the main area, Click on

  • Tips to Hang a Symmetrical Gallery Wall in your Hallway

    My mom had a large blank wall just begging for some art. Instead of spending tons of money on a large piece, we hung a symmetrical gallery wall instead.

  • 4 Easy Photo Gallery Wall Tips & Tricks

    Are you planning a gallery wall? Check out these easy photo gallery wall tips to make sure you create the perfect gallery wall for your home!

  • Why I Love Picture Ledges and a Eclectic Gallery Wall Ideas

    Unique ideas for displaying art on picture ledge walls. Switch out the look of your art without damaging walls. See some fun gallery wall examples.

  • We have made a simple and easy solution to creating a stunning picture gallery wall. This set contains six black-coated metal photo frames in varying sizes, which each have removable mounts to give your photographs a smart and modern look. To make hang

  • DIY Picture Ledge

    Several weeks ago, Mr. Fancee and I decided to make two picture shelves to hang above our couch. My vision is to collect lots of neat frames and artwork/pictures for a gallery wall. These photos were the inspiration for the project: Well, it was a learning process, but we finally completed the shelves and hung … DIY Picture Ledge Read More »

  • 11 Easy Ways To Put Together A Gallery Wall

    No matter your space, style or skill level, there’s an approach that will work for you.

  • Gallery Wall Layout: How to Make a Living Room Gallery Wall

    Sharing the EXACT gallery wall layout we used for this living room, where to buy the best gallery wall frames, and modern gallery wall art ideas!

  • Home Arrow Wood Sign - Wood Sign Art, Wooden Sign, Laser Cut Wood, Wood Decor, Art Room Sign, Playroom Sign, Rustic Gallery Wall Sign Size as on the design picture. Its made from quality 5mm thick birch wood. Could be painted black. *Let me know if you are looking for different size. Each item is unique made cut and painted/glittered to order. All items in our shop are customizable. If you don't see exactly what you need please message us for a custom order. Size, color, shape, style and font can all be changed. Due to the customization of each individual item, there are no refunds unless it is a mistake on our part. So, please ensure your information and spelling is correct when you send us your order. Orders are shipped within 1 to 3 days.

  • 65 plus Photo Gallery Wall Layout Ideas

    Here are some handy DIY tips on how to hang photo gallery wall pictures and how to find the right layout for various sized frames.

  • A Feminine Home Tour in Chicago

    Come take a look at this feminine home tour in the city of Chicago. It's full of blush accents, pops of brass, and a neutral palette that anyone would love!

  • 4 Easy Photo Gallery Wall Tips & Tricks

    Are you planning a gallery wall? Check out these easy photo gallery wall tips to make sure you create the perfect gallery wall for your home!

  • Get creative with our Hello Coat Rack, an iconic piece of modern wall decor inspired by New York The sturdy wall mounted coat rack holds at least 5 items of clothing. Display your favourite coats, scarves and bags on our innovative wall organiser. It also makes an eye-catching hat rack. A welcoming addition to your entryway, the playful Hello sign is made of a single length of powder coated steel. The wall mounted coat rack is supplied with standard wall fittings and fixtures, it's easy and simple to install. Our Hello wall hooks make the perfect gifts for designers and creative friends and family, presented in a sturdy gift box. Choose the Yellow Coat Rack to brighten your hallway or for a more subdued piece of modern wall decor try our Grey Coat Rack. Both our Yellow Coat Rack and Grey Coat Rack are made from durable powder coated steel. The wall mounted coat rack can be easily cleaned with a soft damp cloth. Includes standard wall fittings DIMENSIONS 480 x 240 mm 19 x 9.5 inches MATERIAL Powder Coated Steel

  • Gallery Wall with Custom Picture Frames

    How to create a simple and modern gallery wall with black and white photos using large white frames from Custom Picture Frames.

  • Unique Picture Hanging Ideas You've Never Thought Of

    When you put together art or a gallery in your home you are adding personality. If you put it together well it is something you ... Read more

  • DIY Picture Ledge + Free Woodworking Plans

    Looking for a very easy woodworking project that is perfect for beginners? Build this DIY picture ledge using our free woodworking plans!

  • Tips to Hang a Symmetrical Gallery Wall in your Hallway

    My mom had a large blank wall just begging for some art. Instead of spending tons of money on a large piece, we hung a symmetrical gallery wall instead.

  • How To Hang A Gallery Wall

    The prep for a gallery wall might seem time-consuming, but when it comes time to hang your frames there is absolutely no guessing. You will be left with completely level and evenly spaced frames and only one hole in the wall that makes it all worth it!

  • 16 Photo Display Ideas for Family Pictures

    Turn your memories into an artful photo display. Discover inspiring ideas that will make your family photos and artwork stand out

  • DIY Picture Ledge Gallery Wall

    I was really sick of not having family photos up anywhere in our house so we FINALLY got around to it! We toyed around with a couple of ideas but we landed on building these picture ledges. This wall is really big so I wanted something that would fill up a bunch of space ... A gallery wall is the perfect fit & makes it super easy to switch it up throughout the year. So making the DIY picture ledge felt like the best way to easily switch out my frames & photos. I bought a bunch of these brass

  • How To Put Up a Creative Gallery Wall For Your Home

    In my 20s, the only gallery walls I had the pleasure of seeing would be in The National Gallery or the collection of postcards my Mum used to stick to the fridge. The only “art” I would possess would be a print from Athena which would be sellotaped to the wall…