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  • 𝓰𝓸𝓻𝓰𝓮𝓸𝓾𝓼 𝓰𝓾𝓵𝓼
  • Dear Beautiful Black Queen: A Letter To Empower You.

    I’m sure you’re wondering what on earth is running through my mind at this point. Why am I writing this letter? Am I doing alright? Have the words I hear almost on a daily finally etched their mark…

  • Maggie Lindemann Talks Burgers, Tattoos, and Her New Music Video

    The "Pretty Girl" singer is *way* more than just an Instagram photo.

  • We're loving the Pave Triple Band - Gold by Luv AJ! This gold ring features pave crystals all over the band that'll give your pointers the little extra sparkle they deserve. Also available in Silver

  • El acné de tu rostro podría revelar lo que pasa en tu cuerpo

    El acné suele ser un misterio, nadie sabe cuál es la causa exacta por la que aparece; tampoco cuánto tiempo durará ni cómo acabar con él de manera definitiva. Sin embargo, los especialistas han notado que el acné recurrente en ciertas áreas faciales no es solo un problema de poros cerrados, heren

  • Best Bangs for Your Face Shape

    Bangs on bangs on bangs

  • 美女讓人心曠神怡》#Cute #Girl #Pretty #Girls #漂亮 #可愛 #青春活力

    美女讓人心曠神怡》#Cute #Girl #Pretty #Girls #漂亮 #可愛 #青春活力[quads id = 2][quads id = 2]

  • Just in case you haven't seen a Ginger Asian girl with freckles. You're welcome. - Girl
  • The Most Googled Beauty Questions Of 2016

    As 2016 officially comes to a close, we’re reflecting on all that’s happened during the last 12 months, as well as what’s to come. You’re already aware of the biggest trends in hair and makeup in 2016, and we’ve teased what to expect in 2017, but…

  • 7 Superstar Skin Care Ingredients Dermatologists Love

    Look for these on the ingredient label and your skin will thank you.

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  • 19 Peinados que amarás si tienes el cabello rizado

    Se la tiene la errónea idea de no se puede hacer peinados lindos con el cabello rizado, es por eso que a muchas chicas no les gusta su forma natural y prefieren siempre llevarlo planchado; sin embargo, una melena llena de "chinos" resalta con cualquier estilo. Toma nota de todas las opciones que

  • Confira 5 dicas de produtos caseiros para ajudar no crescimento do cabelo

    Nada como uma boa receitinha caseira para fazer os cabelos crescerem bonitos e saudáveis, não é mesmo, diva? Mas com tantos produtos dispon...

  • We Asked a Dermatologist What to Do About Our Dark Circles

    Using a great concealer can help hide that luggage under your eyes, but how do you get rid of them for good?

  • How To Instantly Look Cute Without Makeup

    No makeup look trend makes our life easier and feels better. The secret of natural beauty is not so much in good genes but in the ability to correctly place accents. Makeup trends change from

  • Barrettes cheveux : comment adopter la coiffure la plus nineties qui soit ?

    On craque pour cette coiffure régressive, made in 90's.

  • I Went 7 Days Without Skincare Products and Here’s What Happened

    Is Skin Cleanse author Adina Grigore ingenious – or an utter idiot? Time to find out!

  • Maggie Lindemann Talks Burgers, Tattoos, and Her New Music Video

    The "Pretty Girl" singer is *way* more than just an Instagram photo.

  • This teenage girl is encouraging others to show off their acne
  • 20 Selfies posando de manera creativa para verte bonita

    ¿Quieres fotos lindas? Necesitas hacer esto...