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    β€œmore pictures that remind me of aerial also if you haven’t read it i suggest you do.”

  • 50 Cute And Romantic Relationship Goals You Must Have With Your Love - Page 43 of 50 - Women ...
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  • All four pieces of the EROTIKK + Maxi Millz Collection titled Crew Love.Β Fingers CrossedΒ Earrings: TheΒ 3DΒ 'Fingers Crossed' pendant perfectly connects to a single freshwater pearl.Β The pendant isΒ approx 35mm length including pearl &Β 8mm inΒ widthFingers Crossed Necklace: TheΒ pendant connects to a handcrafted rollo chain accompanied byΒ 12 freshwater pearls. The pendant is solidΒ making itΒ the perfect weight resting on the chestThe pendant isΒ 30mm length & 12mm widthΒ Locked In Necklace:3D handshakeΒ pendant perfectly connected to an angular rollo chain accompanied by 12 freshwater pearls. The pendant is solidΒ making itΒ the perfect weight on on the neck.Β The pendant isΒ 30mm width &Β 9mm lengthΒ Locked In - Bracelet:The pendant is connected to a double angular rollo chain accompanied by 6 freshwater pearls. The pendant is solid making it the perfect weight on on the wrist.Β The pendant is 30mm width & 9mm lengthΒ Design Concepts:Fingers Crossed: The β€œFingers Crossed” design is a representation of trusting the process. It is jewellery that says; β€œIf you keep working toward your goal, listening to your intuition, you will hit the mark”. It is a symbol of unwavering faith in your ability blended with a touch of luck for that one β€œyes” that will change everything. Locked In: TheΒ β€œLocked In” design captures the tactile essence of respect, loyalty and unity of relationships within β€œThe Crew”. That’s the shit EROTIKK and Maxi Millz are about. EROTIKK is a small company of friends who have become family and we push on with our fingers crossed and the knowledge that if we stay locked in, nothing can touch us. Please allow up toΒ 3 weeks for production.

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    𝐀 | Josh Richards y Elle Evans, dos mejores amigos desde su nacimiento.