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    As if this movie didn't wreck our hearts enough.

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    Diners, drive-ins, and more.

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    It's scary how gorgeous these are.

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    For all those times you have a scene in mind but can't remember where it's from, these are the most famous movie scenes everyone should know.

  • Director Opens Up: Here’s What Happened Behind-The-Scenes Of ‘Dirty Dancing’

    Originally a low-budget flick produced by an up-and-coming studio,

  • 39 Behind-The-Scenes Pictures That'll Change How You Watch Marvel Movies
  • 21 Lessons You Learned From 10 Things I Hate About You
  • Here's The Top 30 Movie Bloopers That Made It To The Final Cut

    Here's The Top 30 Movie Bloopers That Made It To The Final Cut - Filming either for movies or tv requires a lot of memorization for an actor. It doesn't help that the script was written for them by someone else. It's very easy, then, for actors to forget their lines sometimes.. When these moments happen improvisation may come in handy. Sometimes, directors would even give actors free rein to improvise on set if they fit the character and the scene. Here are the top 30 unscripted bloopers that directors decided to keep in the final cut.

  • Worst Movies Ever - Overrated Films and Oscar Nominees

    We loved these ten movies...until we didn't.

  • The New ‘Little Women’ Will Make You Want to Wear 1860s Fashion

    The costumes in the latest film adaptation of the beloved novel, written and directed by Greta Gerwig, are already surprisingly in sync with the current trend for high necklines and calico.

  • Attention, Millennials: Can You, Like, Totally Ace This '80s or '90s Movie Quiz

    Can you, like totally, tell the difference between these '80s and '90s movies?

  • The 18 Best Quentin Tarantino Movie Scenes

    Diners, drive-ins, and more.

  • 40 Movies Every Woman Should See Before She’s 40
  • 21 Movie Scenes That Were Way More Goosebump Inducing Than We Expected Them To Be
  • Boondock Saints

    Do you feel happy, punk? Well, do ya?

  • Netflix Is Going Back to the '80s With Its Selection of Totally Tubular Movies

    What's old is new again thanks to Netflix's massive collection of iconic movies. Now that you've relived all your '90s favorites, it's time to take a trip back

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    A look at some interesting "behind the scenes" photos of famous films.

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    Green screen battle scenes, funny videos from set, and all the moments you didn't get to see. Light spoilers ahead!

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    Get excited for your prom by checking out the best, worst, and weirdest movie prom scenes ever!

  • 11 Of The Most Romantic Conversations From Movies That Will Stay With Us Forever

    For all the warm, fuzzy feelings they made us feel, here's the most romantic lines from some of the best lovey-dovey movies that stroked endless chords in our heart.

  • 40 Awesome Behind The Scenes Photos From Horror Movies

    Things you probably thought you'd ever see: Hannibal Lecter eating a french fry.

  • Napolean Dynamite (2004)

    The plot: Napolean is a total weirdo that's trying to get his best friend Pedro voted student body president. The prom: Napolean gets ditched by his date and ends up hanging out with Pedro and Deb (and her puffy sleeves).

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