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  • Falling for the Jerk (Banghan/Chansung)

    A stray kids fanfic. (Bang chan × Han Jisung) Jisung is the new transfer student in the Global Seoul University. He wants to live a normal life, a life without much ups and downs. Have a nice job and earn money for his sister. But fate chose otherwise. Bang Chan is a full package to say in short. He is intelligent and athletic. Lot's of people respect him as hid father owns an international series of company, along with a full line of restraunts. The only thing is, he is a jerk who thinks that the world revolves around him. boy × boy fanfic. If you're not comfortable with same sex relationship please stay away from this book. This can include some triggering moments. anyways, enjoy the book. start: 27-09-2020 end: status: on going

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  • Bang Chan/Gallery

    Bang Chan/Gallery | Stray Kids Wiki | Fandom

  • Chan wallpapers ♡
  • [ Stray Kids🌸 ]

    Hier werde ich verschiedene Sachen von Stray Kids Posten 💫Zum Beispiel Fakten ,Reactions ,Chats ,Wer würde eher usw. Größten Teils werden es aber Reactions sein 😊

  • stray kids smut (18+)

    I'm just gonna have the disclaimer here: this book is about sex!!! Don't read if youre under 18 years old (although ik you will anyway). If at any point the actions depicted disturbs you, there will be a safe word at the top of the story! Comment the safe word at the point you became uncomfortable or disturbed so I can know what my readers like and don't like. This book is: - ongoing/not finished - nsfw - kinky ;^) Thanks for reading! STAN STRAY KIDS

  • clingy

    after his first heat, felix became very clingy to one of his friends, but why? chanlix

  • Stray Kids Bang Chan
  • lix's sera ♕︎ chan thread 📌 on

    “bang chan confusing your hormones; a thread ✨”

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    “Felix in star 1 magazine #StrayKids #스트레이키즈 #Felix #LeeFelix #필릭스 #용복 #행복 @Stray_Kids 211014”

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  • Bangchan ❤️
  • Stray kids 8 types of friends