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  • 70+ Brand Guidelines Templates, Examples & Tips For Consistent Branding

    Every company out there should have comprehensive brand guidelines. Start with a brand guidelines template and a few of these helpful guidelines tips.

  • Der ultimative Style-Guide für Männer

    Damit Du der superheiße Typ wirst, der Du immer sein wolltest.

  • How to Find Your Own Style

    “The worst fashion faux pas is to look in the mirror and not see yourself.” This quote is from 97 year-old fashion icon, Iris Apfel . She’s spent a lifetime developing her iconic style and wardrobe by playing with accessories, patterns, textures and creating her own unique look. In this post,

  • 6 Easy Steps to Discover Your Personal Style

    Game changing tips to finally discover your true personal style.

  • 1 Teil – 3 Looks: Weiße Sneaker

    Im zweiten Teil meines „Basic Style Guides“ zeige euch heute 3 verschiedene Stylingvarianten mit einem weißen Sneaker: einmal casual, einmal trendy und einmalBusiness.

  • A Street Style Guide on How to Wear a Slip Dress in Fall Without Freezing

    You don't have to pack away your favorite slip dress now that Labor Day has come and gone. Here are some street style-approved ways to rock the silhouette well into fall.

  • Minimalist fashion tips: The personal style uniform

    A style uniform is the epitome of chic and effortless personal style. 10 pro tips on how you can create your own signature style uniform.

  • 101 Amazing Aquarius Tattoo Designs You Need To See!

    An Aquarius tattoo can be your go-to if you are this zodiac sign, or if you want to dedicate this tattoo to someone special!…

  • Anzug Knigge: Der richtige Anzug für jede Figur

    Der perfekte Anzug für jede Figur: In unserem Anzug Knigge finden Sie alle Tipps zum Anzug und zu dessen Accessoires. Er muss ja nicht gleich ein Maßanzug sein.

  • costume jewelry style guide

    Learn more about how to style your costume jewelry pieces. Very trendy and fashionable, they can transform any of your looks!

  • 101 Amazing Ganesh Tattoos You Have Never Seen Before!

    People who like mysterious, mystical, as well as religion or Hindu tattoo designs will find their perfect inspiration just here! A Ganesh design will…

  • a⁷ on

    “a style guide to @BTS_twt: accesories version (4/7)”

  • Der ultimative Style-Guide für Männer

    Damit Du der superheiße Typ wirst, der Du immer sein wolltest.

  • Ideas on how to Choose & Display Living Room Wall Decor

    How to hang and display wall art like a professional

  • Fall Jackets

    Need some help styling your fall jackets? They're a great layer for fall and are so versatile. Here are some tips for styling them.

  • 101 Amazing Geometric Tattoos You Have Never Seen Before!

    Simple is plain, so why not get unusual and cool geometric tattoos? Geometric tattoo designs look modern and are very attention-seeking for both men…

  • Your Work Week Style Guide: an Outfit for Every Day

    Looking for some new workweek outfit inspiration? I've rounded up 5 work-approved outfit ideas to try next week! Which is your favorite?

  • 101 Amazing Dog Paw Tattoo Designs You Need To See!

    Some people are dog lovers, while others prefer cats! Which one are you? Either way, both of these animals are beautiful and cute. If…

  • The Summer Style Guide: Outfits with Dresses

    Dresses are a staple in my closet during the summer! Let me show you how to take your outfits with dresses up a few notches!

  • Sky editing for Instagram Photos

    In case you’ve also been wondering why everyone on Instagram suddenly has the dreamiest sky ever on their photos (and you don’t) – this post is for you! After researching for around six months I’ve finally figured out where those pink clouds and cotton candy skies come from – and how you all can easily edit your photos the same way.

  • 101 Amazing Mountain Tattoo Ideas You Need To See!

    Whether you are looking for a new cool tattoo that is going to make everyone’s jaw drop or if you are looking for your…