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  • Why'd You Have To Go

    "Always and Forever" BREAKING NEWS: "The Nation's Girl Group Lead Vocalist found dead" •••••••••• This book is dedicated to Yoo Jeongyeon, all the events happened in this book is pure fiction and if ever happened in real life its all pure coincidence. **Book 1 of TWICE FanFic Series Season 1 Published: August 01, 2020 Ended: September 01,2020 HIGHEST RANKING #1- SULLI #3 - JEONGMI #8- 2YEON

  • TWICE Breaks World Record For Girl Group With Most MVs With Over 100 Million Views, Overtaking Little Mix

    TWICE has made girl group history on YouTube! Earlier this week, TWICE’s music video for their Japanese track “Breakthrough” surpassed 100 million views on YouTube, making it their 17th music video to reach the milestone. With this achievement, TWICE has officially set a new world record and become the girl group with the most music videos

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    “TWICE's unreleased group pics from More & More promotions 📸 #TWICE #트와이스 @JYPETWICE”

  • twice<3
  • twice more and more scan
  • Twice
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    “TWICE group photos with their Best Album Bonsang at 35th Golden Disc Awards 📸 #TWICE #트와이스 @JYPETWICE”

  • แปลเพลง Feel Special

    แปลเพลง Feel Special | TWICE เนื้อเพลง แปลเพลงเกาหลี แปลเพลง Feel Special | TWICE ความหมายเพลงเกาหลี KPOP music video Feel Special | TWICE ฟังเพลง แปลเพลง ค้นหาความหมายแปลเพลง Feel Special | TWICE 그런 날이 있어 คือรอน นารี อีซอ มีอยู่วันหนึ่ง 갑자기 혼자인 것만 같은 날 คับจากี ฮนจาอิน คอดมัน คาทึน น

  • The Twice Group Chat

    The random group chat of twice where lots of shit happens because the writer is a moody teenager

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    “ONCE Japan update with TWICE's group selcas 📸❤ #MAMAVOTE #twice @JYPETWICE”

  • TWICE Sets A New Record For K-Pop Girl Groups With Sales On Oricon’s Daily Album Chart

    TWICE has broken the record for K-pop girl groups with their first day sales on Oricon! On March 6, TWICE released their second Japanese compilation album “#TWICE2,” including Korean and Japanese versions of their hits “Likey,” “Heart Shaker,” “What Is Love?” “Dance the Night Away” and “YES or YES.” According to Japan’s largest music statistics site Oricon, “#TWICE2” sold

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  • TWICE Nayeon Mina Momo Sana Tzuyu Chaeyoung Jeongyeon Jihyo Dahyun
  • Twice Group Chat

    twice - adverb definition: a nine membered kpop girl group, whom are all sassy and gay memes

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    “#ExaBFF #ExaONCE @JYPETWICE Shadow is a song that brings me peace!”