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  • 5 Tips for Hanging a Collected Family Photo Gallery Wall

    I mentioned last week when I shared the recent updates I’ve made in our entry that my goal is to completely fill this hallway, floor to ceiling, with framed family photos. It may take me mont…

  • ❤️??【MULTIPLE-SIZES DISPLAY】This Homemaxs rustic picture frames set includes four 4x6 inches, four 5x7 inches, two 8x10 inches and one 11x14 inches for displaying family portraits or vacation photos.O...

  • Living With Kids: Trina McNeilly

    By Gabrielle. There are stunning homes that look like they should sit on a magazine page or ten, and there are homes that look like – whoa – a lot of little children live there! And then there is Trina’s home, which is a splendid...

  • Re-live your golden memories by decorating your home with photographs. Bright colours and artistic make, give these frames a vibrant and modish touch to the plain walls of your room. Give a personalised touch to your gifts by picking one of these frames. A one stop-shop for home decor and furniture, Pepperfry sells a home product every 30 seconds. Home Decor products bought on Pepperfry.com are shipped for free. So go ahead and buy with confidence.

  • How to Create a Symmetrical Gallery Wall

    For ( almost ) two years we have had this house, and it's really only over the last year that we've started to put art up on the walls of the main floor. And I mean REALLY put things up, as in: using real nails, not just Command strips/hooks. One of the walls I have been dying to get artwork on is t

  • Tips to Hang a Symmetrical Gallery Wall in your Hallway

    My mom had a large blank wall just begging for some art. Instead of spending tons of money on a large piece, we hung a symmetrical gallery wall instead.

  • 7 Photo Display Ideas That Are Both Fun and Stylish

    In this day and age, we often post photos to Facebook or Instagram and then forget all about them. But with so many clever ways to display printed pictures around the house, why not print a bunch of your favorite photos and start decorating? Not sure where to start? Take a cue from the seven beautiful displays below (none of which are cheesy, promise!).

  • One way to make your house feel like a home is to add personal photos. I created a custom gallery wall perfect for us and our home!

  • Black and White Photo Gallery Wall with Entryway Bench

    We Did a Black and White Gallery Wall I can't promise this space will stay like this. I've only changed it up about five times so far, but I thought I'd share what we did here if I end up changing it again. I go back and forth between wanting…

  • The Easiest Gallery Wall You Could Ever Do

    Step by step tricks and shortcuts for creating the easiest gallery wall you could ever do with frames and family photographs.

  • 4 Easy Photo Gallery Wall Tips & Tricks

    Are you planning a gallery wall? Check out these easy photo gallery wall tips to make sure you create the perfect gallery wall for your home!

  • A Family Photo Gallery Wall in the Upstairs Hall

    This post is sponsored by Framebridge. Our upstairs hallway has been begging for art since, well, we moved in. I knew I wanted to fill the whole hallway with family pictures eventually — a true memory

  • 7 Things The Property Brothers Taught Me About Home Decorating

    Read the 7 things The Property Brothers Jonathan & Drew Scott taught me about home decorating. Let Buffie teach you her 7 Steps to a Lovely Home.

  • How to hang a gallery wall

    HOW TO HANG A GALLERY WALL Wolfgang Tillmans is an influential contemporary German photographer. Emerging in the 1990s with his snapshot documentation of youths, clubs, and LGBTQ culture. I love Wolfgang Tilman's work and when I saw his Tate exhibition in 2017 it was not just the subject matter of his photographs that inspired me, it was the way the exhibition was curated that made me rethink the composition of my own gallery wall at home. Every art collection is different, calling for its own unique wall layout based on the size and number of works you want to hang, the design of the room it lives in, and the general look and feel you want. But here I have outlined some key things to think about when hanging your gallery wall. SPACE The key element of your gallery display will be how much wall space you have. But don’t feel you have to fill the entire wall. A vertical or horizontal display will work better if you have a small space or limited collection. COLLECTION The shape, size and type of frames will also determine the best gallery layout. As a rule of thumb if you have smaller frames or identical types then opt for symmetry. If you have a variety of sizes and types of frames then a random design will be better, think RA summer show, salon layout. DESIGN When deciding on your gallery wall layout, think about the design of the space and how the art collection will work in the room. Consider how the furniture and colour palette will work together. Here are a few composition ideas for the gallery wall. ON A SHELF Art doesn’t always have to be hung on the wall. Shelves whether solo or multiple can make the perfect place to show your collection. This is especially great if you like to swap out your artwork often or if you live in rented accommodation or you do not want to damage the walls. Choose works in a variety of sizes and orientations for a more layered look, and if space allows, try adding a small vase or object in front of the art for extra visual appeal. BLOCK PARTY Order, order! The symmetrical look that’s sure to give any room a classical appeal. But make sure to take extra care when hanging this type of gallery wall as it is not forgiving of uneven measurements. Focus on symmetry and spacing between the frames. To heighten the symmetry opt for consistently of the artwork too. LINE UP You’ll find that many gallery walls start from the centre and radiate outward. This look retains that classic gallery wall look as each artwork starts from a straight line at the top. BUTTERFLY This type of gallery wall is all about making a statement. Create a focal point in your space by positioning an oversized piece (artwork, a mirror, or another decorative wall accent) in the middle and have a collection of smaller works surrounding it. This arrangement works especially well for anchoring large pieces of furniture such as a sofa, a desk, or a bed. MIXTAPE The mix-and-match nature of the look also makes it more adaptable, since you can add on pieces as you find them without rearranging the whole wall. It is a great way to fill blank space and consider this the best way to display a growing collection. WALLPAPER AND ART Wallpaper and art are the perfect match. The only challenge is knowing how to combine the two. A backdrop of wallpaper doesn’t initially shout the ideal location for a gallery wall but it can work to dramatic effect as long as you maintain consistency and think about the colour palette. It is also important to think about the connection the wallpaper and artwork have. Do they share a colour? Are they complementary colours? Do they share subject matter? Don’t always play it safe with your frame. Hanging with a characterful frame will draw attention to the artwork. Try echoing colours in the frame or artwork with the furnishings throughout the room. Hang works with plenty of negative space or employ a wide mount around the artwork to set the work apart from the wallpaper behind it. By framing a piece of art with a spacious white mount, you will ‘separate’ the art itself from the wallpaper behind it, giving it room to breathe and allowing you to see and study it without distraction. HANGING PLEASE be careful when hanging pictures onto wallpaper. Wallpaper can be fragile. I would avoid tape and other adhesives, the marketing is good on these stripes but I have not found one that removes from wallpaper. Instead, I use these nail holds. In order to minimize the damage, make sure you have the right spot before you start hammering. I always cut out the shape of the frame in brown paper first and move them around the room to ensure you have the positioning correct. This will help you avoid putting unnecessary holes in the wallpaper. Unlike with painted walls, it’s hard to hide holes in the wallpaper. Another option is to cut an upside-down v in the wallpaper with a thin knife where you want to hang the frame. Then lightly pull the v down, and insert the nail or screw into the wall. If you end up wanting to move the photo, you can stick the wallpaper back in place. But whatever layout you decide KEEP A SPIRIT LEVEL ON HAND Honestly, I can't express the importance of a spirit level enough. There's nothing more annoying than stepping back to realise your whole gallery wall is wonky so make sure you use a spirit level to make sure each frame is straight before you hang it. Shop prints to add to your gallery wall here

  • Simple Teen Photo Wall

    Learn how to decorate bedrooms with photos for a simple but meaningful gallery photo wall. Easy and budget-friendly DIY project for kids, tweens and teensFor more simple and budget-friendly DIY project ideas, be sure to follow us on HomeTalk and visit our blog! Let's First Take a Peek at the Wall BEFOREAt the beginning of this pandemic my teenager was struggling with missing her friends, activites and even school so we created a simple gallery wall of photos to help her feel closer…

  • DIY Fotowand maken - Our Wedding Photo Wall + VIDEO

    Voor deze speciale dag, 11 maart, stel ik deze DIY fotowand samen inclusief video mét ons wedding verhaal! DIY FOTOWAND Al een tijdje liep ik met het idee om een easy DIY fotowand te maken in huis. Ik had dit idee gezien tijdens de Dutch Design week afgelopen oktober bij Piet Hein Eek. Maar ik […]

  • Create A Family Photo GALLERY WALL

    Building a gallery wall with one personalized print, 12 favorite family photos, 13 Ikea frames, and a dining room wall soon to be filled with our best memories!

  • 7 Photo Display Ideas That Are Both Fun and Stylish

    In this day and age, we often post photos to Facebook or Instagram and then forget all about them. But with so many clever ways to display printed pictures around the house, why not print a bunch of your favorite photos and start decorating? Not sure where to start? Take a cue from the seven beautiful displays below (none of which are cheesy, promise!).

  • 5 Tips for Creating a Gallery Wall of Family Photos

    Creating a gallery wall is a fantastic way to display your favourite family photos. One of the great things about gallery walls are their versatility; you can create a beautiful display using just a couple of photos or several, filling your space perfectly simply by choosing the right print size. And by printing on different mediums—be it canvas, metal, or even wood—gallery walls can also be easily adapted to suit any decor style. If you think you want to build a gallery wall of family photos, here are five tips to help get you started. 1. Plan The Space You may already have a space in mind for where you want to build your gallery wall or, perhaps, you know you want to create one but haven’t yet thought of the perfect spot. Whether you have a huge, empty wall in your family room or a little space beside your front door, planning ahead will save you a lot of time and effort in the future. To help plan this space, ask yourself: Do you want to add to your gallery wall as time goes on? If you want to build up your gallery wall down the road, be sure to chose a space that will allow for the future additions. Do you want to swap out photos for new ones in the future? Knowing this will be helpful when choosing your prints; you may want to consider prints that can be displayed without leaving holes in the walls or damaging paint, like Posterjack Peel & Stick Prints (these are also great for renters and students in dorms). There are plenty of spaces in your home that can accommodate a gallery wall of family photos. As we mentioned previously, you can fill a huge wall with several smaller prints or two very large ones. Likewise, you can create a gallery wall in a small space simply by choosing smaller prints. Posterjack Canvas Minis are great for this purpose. 2. Decide on Photos You already know you want your gallery wall to display family photos, which is a great start, but for the space to look its best, you should consider sticking to a theme to help connect the photos in the gallery as though they are all one larger piece of art. The options are endless, but a few ideas include: Photos that were all captured at the same photoshoot or event Wedding photos from different weddings Candid photos Family photos that are all captured outdoors A variety of photos from different times, even if they span over fifty years, pulled together by printing them all in black and white. [Image Source: Staircase Wall Art: Ideas for Arranging Pictures in Your Stairway] 3. Pick The Perfect Prints If you can’t decide on a theme for your photos or simply want to display photos that don’t coordinate, you can also pull them together by choosing to display them all in matching frames, which can be all the same size or a variety of sizes. If the family photos you’re printing do coordinate, you can get creative with the products you print them on, mixing and matching Canvas Prints with HD Metal Prints, or whatever else you fall in love with. Posterjack offers a large variety of photo art products, making it easy to find the perfect prints for your space. 4. Create Balance When planning a gallery wall, imagine two things: 1. Your collection of art is one large piece. 2. There's a vertical line going down the center of the wall. Now, position your art equally on either side of the vertical line to create visual balance. If your gallery wall includes different print sizes, position the largest piece of art on the bottom-left of the gallery wall arrangement. If the arrangement is symmetrical, position this piece in the middle. [Image source: How to Display Your Artwork Infographic] 5. Do a Trial Run Once you’ve planned your space and have decided on the family photos and prints you want to build your gallery wall with, do a trial run to make sure you’re happy with it. Cut craft paper to the size of your artwork and then use painter’s tape to position the paper on the wall where you plan to hang your photos. If you don’t have paper large enough to do this, you can also create a “frame” by just using painter’s tape. Leave it on the wall for a while and revisit it a couple of hours later to ensure you still like your creation. Add a Personal Touch to Your Home Whether it’s a large collection of photos displayed in your stairway or three small prints displayed vertically along a narrow wall in your kitchen, building a gallery wall of family photos is a wonderful way to add a personal touch to your home and to show off photos of your favourite people. Need Some Inspiration? Want to see photos of gallery walls that our fans have created? We have the best community and feature customer photos all the time right on our homepage! Here are a few examples to help get your creative juices flowing. [Image Source] [Image Source] [Image Source] [Image Source]

  • How To Hang A Grid Gallery Wall

    Curious how to hang a gallery wall? In this post, we'll teach you the best way to hang a grid gallery wall and reveal our family photo wall.

  • How to Display Family Photos

    I know I have said it many times, but your photos need to get off of your phone, out of the cloud, and into your home! In one of my packages I include advising, choosing, and designing gallery walls for your home! If you aren’t in Seattle or are interested in putting something together yourself, the

  • How to Hang a Gallery Wall - Easy Tips for Displaying Family Photos

    How to hang a gallery wall in a cinch using this simple trick. Create a grid-style gallery wall without putting a million holes in the wall!